How we work?


We follow our Customers' needs at all stages of collaboration - starting with development of design and technical documentation, and ending with tracing deliveries of products in time at the Clients' warehouse or their assembling line. Thanks to this during many years the details produced at our enterprise work successfully in the field of agriculture, automobile and railway transport, energetics, production and special equipment.

To manufacture Your details and parts we use different technologies to achieve the highest quality at minimum price. Combination of different technologies of processing allows to produce Your detail very quickly and precisely.

To manufacture Your details we use the following technologies:

  • thermal processing (laser, plasma cutting)
  • mechanical processing (milling CNC, turning CNC, bending CNC and other)
  • protection from corrosion (galvanic coating, priming, painting and other)

In general, processing takes place on machines with CNC to achieve high precision and to exclude human factor at maximum possible rate



We carry out control of details at final stage of production and during processing itself, in order to correct potential defects at initial steps. Thanks to this control at all stages of production, starting with checking of quality of half made details till packing, we can stop manufacturing process and make corrections to it.

We implement a quality control and provide a report on measurements (upon request) on the following parameters: 

  • Linear and angular dimensions
  • Control of welding beads
  • Hardness of surface  (HB, HV, HRC)
  • Roughness of surface
  • Coating thickness (galvanic, priming, painting) 

For accurate dimensions highly precise measurement tools are used. Our company owns highly precise measuring arm FaroArm Platinum 6