What we do?

CNC Machining

Products' mechanical machining on the CNC milling center

Milling machine LAGUN was made by Gorato Group company, which provides high precision of milling in 5 axis with instrument position accuracy up to 0.01 mm.

  • Sizes of machine's working area: 4000 mm (length) х 1200 mm (width) х 1300 mm (height).
  • Working table is planned for processing of details with weight to 10 tn.
  • Processing of details in manual mode and automatic mode.
  • CNC lathe allows at the same time use and automatically change 24 instruments for treatment of details.

The machine is equipped with a coordinate-measuring machine Renishaw, which allows to make measurements of the product after processing.

CNC Turning center

Our company offers turning processing on universal type CNC mill-turning centers IKEGAI TUR30. These are lathes with high productivity for accurate processing of semi-finished piece or steel bar. Turning machine has a charger with 12 tools. High rigidity of the table allows to reach maximum accuracy till 0.003 mm.


Technical data:

  • Working diameter  - up to 600 mm
  • Distance between centers - 1500 mm
  • Х axis travel - up to 330 mm
  • Z axis travel - up to 1520 mm
  • Spindle speed - 6..2500 rpm
  • Quantity of tools in charger - 12


Additional tools also allow to make drilling, chamfering, threading and many other operations. Lathe is controlled by control panel FANUC.