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Nowadays a huge amount of companies as subcontractors offer to machine manufacturers various services such as metal cutting, welding, surface treatment, delivery of manufactured products etc. The most subcontractors usually have experience in their own particular manufacturing fields.

The history of "SM" dates back to 2001, when the company "Speciālā Metināšana" ("Special Welding") was founded by a group of experts in different machine manufacturing areas.

All our professional staff members work as a team and are able to make a reality of any of your concept whatever complicated it might be. We always can help you to find the right solution depending on your current needs such as developing of new components or making any modifications on your product, tooling up for manufacturing of new component or reducing production costs by choosing a subcontractor.  

In 2004, even having rather limited production capacities, "SM" started manufacturing of metal parts.

In 2007, as a result of successful participation in various European fund projects, a lot of money has been invested in purchasing of new machinery and manufacturing equipment.   

With an eye toward being able to offer our customers metal components of different kinds and of various complexity levels at this moment we have the complete production cycle in-house ranging from purchasing of raw material to delivering goods to our customer.

Modern equipment, strict commitment to quality, respecting of manufacturing standards and delivery time compliance - all these we offer to our customers. 

We follow our customers' needs at every step of our partnership - from developing of design and technical documentation until taking care about on-time delivery to the customers' warehouse or assembly line. As a result the parts manufactured by "SM" have already been used for many years for different kinds of land and railway vehicles in agricultural, machinery manufacturing and electrical industry.  


These magic words are essential for every customer and this is exactly what "SM" can provide its customers with. Discussions regarding price, quantity and delivery terms are welcome at "SM". Only quality is not a topic for any discussions. We do our best to guarantee the highest level of quality which is required by our customers. Following this philosophy we successfully export our products to such EU countries as France, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Germany, the Baltic states and as well as to the former Soviet Republics.